issue 01: urban / rural

issue 01

Very Welcome to manycinemas’ inaugural issue. There are many movies. There are many cinema traditions on the world. There are many online film magazines. Some are academic, some are cineastic. Now, manycinemas is born and we are proud that we’ve launched this journal. From nowadays onwards, we will accompany the discussion on film from the view of the “subaltern cinema traditions”, to give them a voice, and to create a theoretical background for their development. Our foci are the cinema-traditions next to the Western world, meaning Asia, Africa, and Latin America, but we are open for other interesting articles on minor cinema traditions. We start with the topic Urban-rural. Please enjoy!

issue 02: traveling

manycinemas 02 travelingWe welcome you to our second issue. When you are en-route, you gain experience. We made some on our road while preparing our autumn edition. This time, we would like to invite you to join us on our journey through travel in film. We've collected some interesting articles. We want to take you with us on the journey through the cinema of traveling. We present you this time:
* Clare Clements: Meandering through Dakar
* Irenna Chang: Three Idiots, a Trip of Discoveries and Enlightenment
* Nirmala Iswari: Le Grand Voyage as cinematic pilgrimage
* Lorna Israel: A Body in Permanent Transit
and Michael Christopher: A Bustrip to Postcoloniality

issue03: dread, ghost, specter, and possession

manycinemas 03
We apologize for the late publishing of our third issue. We have planned to present it to you in May 2012 - and not in December. Sometimes we felt jinxed because nothing worked. Nevertheless, now we are happy to finish it. Please enjoy this issue.
* Introduction: Magical thrilling spooky moments in cinema.
* Brenda S. Gardenour: Left Behind.
* Cen Cheng: No Dread for Disasters.
* Swantje Buddensiek: When the Shit Starts Flying.
* Carmela Garritano: Blood Money, Big Men and Zombies.
* Carrie Clanton: Hauntology Beyond the Cinema.