New CFP: Third Issue

18/07/2011 07:45 by Michael Christopher

Dread, Ghost, Specter, and Possession

In our third issue of manycinemas we are turning our attention to the unexplainable and the supernatural. We are looking for academic essays on films in which we get in touch with “Dread, Ghost, Specter, and Possession.” We are interested in cinematic aesthetics of films which show these phenomena out of the view of different cultural backgrounds. Like in the other issues these should be films from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Dread – cinema is a modern tale. The monsters of childhood/past come alive and haunt the protagonists on the screen, (substitutional for the viewer?). How do they meet their fears? How does the film show the fear? And, is there any escape?

Ghost – what kind of ghosts are manifested in non-western cinema? How do they haunt, or do they do such things at all?


Specter - dreams, visions, how does film show these things, from where do they come from, and what kind of meaning they have?

Possession – how is a character going to be possessed by something/someone. And how is the behavior of the possessed?

There are many movies all over the world which show one of these phenomena. We are looking for essays which analyzes films on one, two, or more of the issue's topics. We are interested in:

  • the cultural anchors and meaning of supernatural phenomena

  • appearance of ghosts, specters, etc. 

  • the role of ghosts/ specters in movies (good or evil)

  • dread and religion

  • raising the dead

  • juju films, yokai movies, etc.

  • and much more

We are also looking for our rubric Beyond the Screen for an essay on this topic which is loosely connected to film like theater, music, dance, performance, visual culture, comic...

Please send us your proposal (300-500 words) with the titles of films you will include and a brief CV until 15th August 2011. Do not hesitate to mail us, if you have some questions.

The later articles should have a length of 3000 to 5000 words. For styleguide: look here

Please send your proposal to

Helen Staufer and Michael Christopher or


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